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Why you should buy a Toyota.

Toyota ranked at the top of Consumer Reports. 

You can’t go wrong with a sedan these days. There are so many added features & improvements to their overall quality, that purchasing a sedan has never been a better experience. In the testing of numerous models and ranges, Toyota was at the top of Consumer Report’s list this year!

This prestigious honor means that they showed up and delivered in key areas such as: road test scores after 50+ runs, reliability determined by previous problem reports, owner satisfaction rates, and safety results from accident-avoidance tests. These models passed with flying colors & are worth a good look.

Compact – Toyota Corolla

 While it is a compact car, its interior is deceptively roomy. It’s gas economy & ride quality make up for its average motor at a decent 32 mpg. The included standard features are also quite advanced, adding tremendously to it’s value; pedestrian detection & forward-collision warning just to name a few.

Mid-Size– Toyota Camry

 Bump up a size and get all of the previously mentioned qualities plus more! Toyota’s mid-size sedan features not only a spacious cabin, but an even quieter one at that. The ride is smooth and has added absorbency. True luxury. The included standard features are the same as with the Corolla. However, Blind Spot Detection & Cross-Traffic Warning features are particular to this model.

No matter the size or price range needed, Toyota is known to deliver over and above!

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