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Why Purchasing a Vehicle Warranty is a Great Idea

Reasons to buy a vehicle warranty from a dealership:

Cars last longer these days, and many people want to keep their car for as long as they can. This means that an extended warranty is a great idea because a lot of the warranties that come with new cars only last for three years or 36,000 miles. The longest lasting warranties are ten years or 100,000 miles. Because newer vehicle models are jam-packed with computers and other incredible technology, it’s difficult to repair them on your own. There are so many advantages to purchasing an extended warranty from a dealer, and we have written about a few reasons of why.

1. It needs to cover your needs.

You can actually adjust your extended warranty to fit your needs. If your original warranty had an extended powertrain warranty and a short bumper-to-bumper, you can extend only the bumper-to-bumper warranty. You may also choose to tack on some twenty-four-hour roadside assistance or a service plan that includes oil changes or tire rotations. Sometimes it’s just simpler to follow a car maintenance schedule when you have a warranty to cover it. You don’t have to wait until you can afford an oil change to schedule one. Your next dealer oil change is already covered.

2. Covers any repairs and technology

With all of the intricate technology filling cars today, including computerized equipment, it’s difficult to fix things yourself, but it also can be very costly to pay for the repairs. You can purchase extended warranties to cover these electrical, technological, and computerized systems. It’s important to examine the list of exclusions from your warranty provider carefully. However, these types of extended warranties could save you thousands of dollars on just repairs alone.

3. The dealer takes care of the extensive paperwork

The nice thing about purchasing an extended warranty from a dealer is that they take care of all of the extensive paperwork. You also have more flexibility when getting your repairs done. You can usually go to any dealership carrying that name brand. Most manufacturers will allow you to use your warranty at places other than where you purchased it, as long as they specialize in the same make you purchased.This comes in particularly handy if something happens while you’re traveling. This is a great option for people who drive a lot, especially for long distances.

4. You can transfer your warranty to a new owner

Let’s say you decide to sell your vehicle in a couple of years. Suddenly you have a baby on the way and you need a new mini van in the place of your 2018 Ford Mustang. It hurts to sell it, but as Elsa once said to us in Frozen “Let it go”. The great thing about extended warranties is that you can usually transfer them to the new owner. Ford dealer extended warranties, and other vehicle service contract companies may allow for this. You’re not tied to a warranty you’re not longer using, and it could result in a smoother sale for you. Make sure your contract allows it before you purchase the warranty, but if you think this may be something you’re interested in, it’s an option.

5. You will have a peace of mind.

Peace of mind isn’t something you pay for, but it still comes with every extended warranty. Knowing you’re covered in the event of an emergency sometimes makes all the difference. It can be nerve-wracking knowing your manufacturer’s warranty is going to end, but with an extended warranty, you don’t have to worry.

There are many great reasons to purchase an extended warranty for your vehicle. When it comes to cutting costs and resting easy, it’s an easy decision to make. You expect your car to last a long time, so you should have a warranty to match.

Drive safely!

by Leashie V. – Content Creator at Half Full Marketing.

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