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Top 8 Reasons To Buy A SUV

When deciding what kind of vehicle to buy, several factors come into play. It’s important to really take into consideration everything you need in a vehicle. What does your everyday look like? What are your hobbies? How many people do you need to get from place to place on a normal basis? And that’s just a few noteworthy things to take into account.

SUV’s are gaining popularity because they fit the lifestyle of many modern families, while maintaining a sportier look than mini-vans.

8 Reasons to buy an SUV:

  1. Safety: Simply put, you are going to stand a better chances in a SUV during a car crash than you would in a sedan.
  2. Off Road: This is one of the main things SUVs are known and loved for. You can use it as your daily driver on the highway or in the city, then on the weekends take it off road for some downtime and adventure.
  3. Towing Capability: Many models come with towing already built in. Even if they don’t, aftermarket attachments are readily available. This feature is especially handy if you enjoy boating, camping, etc
  4. Cargo Space: Possibilities are endless with the extra cargo space provided by foldable seats. Bought more groceries than planned? Need to move some furniture? Last minute trip? Your vehicle won’t be holding you back!
  5. Combination of Pulling Power & Passenger Seating: It’s easy to argue that if you need to pull something a truck is better. Now while that is certainly true, Trucks do not have the same passenger space (and comfort) that an SUV can provide.
  6. Bad Weather: It’s no news to you that the severe weather all over is progressively getting worse. Between hurricanes and snowstorms, it’s crucial to be prepared. One of the first things you can see during either of these events are all the sedans stuck in the roads. A SUV allows you to get through higher levels of water or snow and therefore to safety.
  7. Kids In Car Seats: Such an overlooked detail! Who wants to purchase a vehicle only to later realize that two car seats are not going to fit together in the back seat? You could try to squeeze them in, but it’s going to be tight and aggravating for everyone. SUV’s allow room for multiple seats and comfortable spacing. Even if you only have one kid, or none at all, you may end up helping out a friend or family member someday.
  8. Easy To Get In And Out Of: This could be a key feature if you have someone in your family with disabilities or who is older. It can be extremely difficult for either party to lower down to get in a car or to try to get up out of.

There are even more reasons to buy an SUV depending on your lifestyle and preferences. SUV’s offer plenty of style, gas mileage, command seating and even room for your pets. With benefits like these, SUV’s seem like a clear choice.

Shop for a new SUV today!

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