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The Ford F-150: America’s Most Popular Truck

The Ford F-Series continues to be the country’s most popular and best selling truck.

What makes it so well loved and widely purchased? Here are 3 reasons why the Ford F-Series can’t be beat.


 The F-150 boasts an excellent variety of powerful and efficient engines. As of 2018, there will be six engines available, including a brand new 3.0-liter turbo-diesel set to be released later this year. The truck is an excellent choice for hauling, with a towing capacity of up to 13,200 pounds, which is the highest in its class.


With the F-150, you’re going to get spacious cabs, ample leg room and luxurious interior and features. According to the rave reviews of pleased owners, this is one comfortable truck. A variety of cabs and beds are available with this stylish and good-looking vehicle.

Resale Value

The Kelly Blue Book lists the resale value of this truck at 58.7% at 36 months, and 49.6% at 60 months. For comparison, the average new vehicle will be worth about 33 percent of its original sticker price after 60 months, making the F-150 a worthwhile investment for those looking to resell. We buy cars! Get a quote online!

There are many more reasons consumers love the Ford F-150, but don’t take our word for it. Take one for a test drive and see for yourself why this vehicle remains America’s most popular truck.

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