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Listen to Your Vehicle

Knock, Knock. It’s Your Vehicle.

Does your car seem to be a bit noisier that usual? Don’t ignore the calamity; it’s trying to tell you something. Turn down the radio and lend an ear to the clanks, bangs and screeches that are reverberating from the depths of your car. These auditory signals are often the first indicators of mechanical issues buried deep under the hood. Luckily, catching an impending problem before it gets worse isn’t unheard of. All it takes are some extra listening skills.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…

Clanks and bangs are some of the most alarming sounds that a vehicle can produce. If your car rumbles or sputters, you may have a hole in the exhaust system. Simply repairing some pipes or replacing your muffler can fix this issue in no time. If it sounds more like rattling, there’s a good chance your catalytic converter isn’t functioning at full capacity. Depending on the size of your vehicle, repairing your catalytic converter can be expensive. Unfortunately, you won’t be able pass your next emissions test without addressing it. Plan ahead, and take care of it.

Screeches, Hums, Growls and Chirps

Is there a creature inhabiting your engine? If it sounds like there might be, it’s probably time to visit your local mechanic. Squealing sounds can mean it’s time to replace your drive belt. Also known as the serpentine belt, this vital car component delivers power from the engine to various features including the power steering system, air conditioning and the alternator. If you suspect an issue with your drive belt, don’t delay in having it addressed. This can impact your engine cooling system, resulting in a complete engine breakdown due to overheating. Other reasons for these types of suspicious animalistic sounds include issues with the tires, wheel bearings, rotor or brake pads. Tame the beast (and ease your mind) by handling these issues sooner than later.

by Nick Climan – Content Creator for Half Full Marketing

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