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How To Pick Out a Reliable Car

More and more people prefer to buy used cars. The main benefits are lower car prices, insurance, and taxes. As you may know, a new car loses 10-20% value immediately after you drive off a dealership’s lot.

After you determined your budget, must-have features and narrowed your search, you are ready to take the next step. We will share helpful tips to make picking a dependable used car a pleasant experience.

Check Vehicle History

The VIN will help you learn more about the car history. You can get a free report from, that will show the title, insurance loss, and salvage details. It will also tell you if the vehicle has a recall. It is valuable information, as dealerships are not required to fix them.

There are a few companies that can give you a more detailed report. It may include odometer reading, accident and repair history, vehicles used as rentals, taxis, or fleet, records of theft. If you want additional information, you can access it for a fee through:

Take It for a Test Drive

Taking a test drive is a step when searching for a reliable used car. The test drive will also allow you to check how comfortable the seats are and if the ceilings are high enough. Most importantly, you will want to check the listed car features, exterior color, tire condition, lights, and interior. Test the car at different speeds driving in a straight line and taking turns under varied road conditions, listen for strange noise and smell.

Consider Hiring a Mechanic to Inspect the Used Car

If you are buying an older car that may be out of warranty, you may consider hiring a mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection. Many dealerships encourage it, as they don’t want to have their customer have any problems with the car in the future.

Check the Used Car Warranty

When you buy a used car from a dealer, you will be filling out and signing a Buyer Guide. It must reflect the warranty coverage. There are three main options: as is (no warranty), full warranty, or limited warranty. In addition, make sure, that unwritten promises are outlined in the contract.

Buy It From a Reliable Dealership

When looking for a dependable vehicle, you should be buying it from a reliable car dealership. Check the online reviews and see if there are any complaints against them by entering the seller’s name and “review” or “complaint” into a search engine.

by Maria Climan – Content Creator for Half Full Marketing

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