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Beat the Heat

Summer is coming!

Florida is known for its hot and humid summers. From May through October in the south, it can get as hot as 95F or even higher. A car can heat up to almost 160F degrees in the sun or even in the shade.

Now maybe a perfect timing to check if your car can still handle the heat. If you checked and the A/C doesn’t work or barely keeps up, there can be issues with an electronic system, compressor, cooling fan, or clogged cabin air filters.

If you don’t feel like bringing your car to the shop, you can also try leaving your windows and doors open, parking under a shade, buying a portable cooling fan, trying to fix an A/C yourself, or driving at night to avoid day heat. But seriously speaking, you probably would need your A/C to be repaired. If repairs are becoming more frequent, and the costs are hard to keep up with, it may be a time to say good buy to your old car.

You should consider its trade-in for a better vehicle if you are getting tired of pouring money into your old car. The best part is that you don’t need to spend any money to fix up your trade. The dealership can take care of the reconditioning for you.

In addition to Trade-In, Brevard Value Motors will also help you find a more reliable used car that will keep you cool and won’t fail you in the summer heat.

by Maria Climan – Content Creator for Half Full Marketing

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