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Tips on Selling Your Used Car

How to get the most when selling your used car.

So you’re looking to sell your car? Selling your car to a dealership is the easiest way to get it off your hands. Most dealerships are willing to pay you in cash instead of a trade in! We’ve assembled these 6 tips on selling your used car to a dealership!

Tip 1: Clean your vehicle!

You want your car to be in the utmost best quality for sales quality. Clear out all trash including old water bottles, fast food wrappers, and Starbucks coffee cups! We all know your car is full of trash from your busy lifestyle between work and school.  You should then really focus on vacuuming the floors and seats of your car in all nooks and crannies! Clean under your floor mats, between the seats, and under the seats! With a Lysol wipe you can then proceed to clean your cup holders, ashtrays (remove all of the loose change), the steering wheel and dashboard. It’s a good idea to get rid of any sticky soda spills from those midnight fast-food runs. Don’t forget to use Windex to clean all the windows and mirrors in your car! Now that your car is clean on the inside, its time to focus on the outside. Bring your car down to the car wash for a quick wash, and shine. Now your car is ready for a sales proposal!

Tip 2: Check the maintenance of your car!

Check for minor issues with the car such a brake lights, headlights, interior dome lights. You can easily replace any bulbs that are drained!  Also, make sure all fluids are topped off. This includes your brake fluid, washer fluid,  and coolant. Anything that is easily replaceable, turn your focus to. Anything major in repair, save that for the dealership to fix. You don’t need to invest any more money into the vehicle than you have. The dealership can repair the car for future sales.

Tip 3: Gather all important papers!

The obvious choice is to bring your car’s title, but let’s not forget the other important documents such as service records, registration and anything else a prospective buyer might want to see. Please make sure these documents are organized and presented in good condition!

Tip 4: Research your car’s value

Before you hop into your car and head down to the dealership, it’s best you research your car’s cash value by comparing sell back values to multiple dealerships. Consider all issues or blemishes the car possesses and calculate it in comparison to the model examples. It is good to have someone join you if they are an expert on cars. Going into this sale blindly isn’t wise, so please be prepared!

Tip 5: Arriving at the dealership.

Once you arrive at the dealership, seek out someone who can assist you in selling your car! When you find the correct person they will write down your information, inspect your car inside and out, take down your vehicle identification number and run it through a vehicle history database to check for damage, and accidents. During the information process, your car will be handled in the care of the mechanics as they inspect your tires, fluids, and other mechanical parts. They may just test drive your car as well around the dealership so make sure your radio is turned off for their convenience.

Tip 6: The big offer!

The offer you receive will depend on a few things, but it will mainly rely on the price being paid for similar vehicles at an auction. Other factors influencing their offer are whether or not they have other similar cars on the lot for sale at the moment, or that the condition of your vehicle needs any repairs. If you still owe money on the car, this will also have an impact on how much you are offered in cash. In most situations, you can sell a car back to a car dealership before paying it off, but the amount you receive will be required to be enough to pay it off. Keep in mind that the offer may be lower than expected due to owning too many models of the vehicle you are trying to sell. Negotiate as much as you can, but if the price is still too low for your liking, shop around at other dealerships. Never settle!

There you go, 6 tips on selling your used car to a dealership! Oh and one last tip! If you sell your car, make sure you have a ride home!

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