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Tips on Driving with Kids

Whether you’re a new mom or dad, an aunt or uncle, or even a babysitter, driving with kids can be a struggle. We’ve assembled these three tips on how to drive safely with kids in the backseat!

1. Safety first!

By law, children under 40 pounds (or under 4 ft) must be in either booster seat or a car seat for their safety. Babies in baby carriers must be fastened in the back seat of the car with the baby’s carrier facing toward the rear of the car. This is to ensure your baby’s safety as their bones and ligaments are still growing and they need support for their head, and spine in the event of a car crash. Please make sure all children are buckled in correctly with the seat belt in front of their chest before starting up your car.

2. Entertain them!

We all know that whiny kids are our own personal nightmare especially when we are trying to focus on the road. But how do you distract your kids for the drive ahead? Back in the day, my parents would pop in our favorite Veggie Tales cassette and us kids would belt out every lyric like a pro. But today, music isn’t always the best option (unless its the Frozen soundtrack, because we all know that’s the holy grail of kid entertainment). Invest in activity books with stickers. Try to avoid coloring books or anything requiring a pen. You know your child is a Picasso, as you have all of their artwork on the fridge. But sometimes kids find even the most little inspiration on the car’s backseat. Just don’t do it, you’ll thank me in the long run. Tablets with their favorite tv shows and games is usually the modern day parent’s go to. They will be totally distracted with their tablet, and trust me, I’ve seen a one-year-old with a tablet in their hands. It works!

3. Strike up a conversation!

Car rides great for conversations with your kids. It is always difficult to take time throughout your busy day to spend time with them. Take the time to touch upon what they have learned in school, quiz them on road signs, talk about their interests and their friends. This is a perfect way to connect with your kids to not only entertain them but also educate them.

There you have it, we have given you three simple tips on driving safely with your kids. Creating a safe and stress-free environment should now be a lot easier with these three tips!

by Leashie V. – Content Creator at Half Full Marketing

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