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The Stages of Buying a Used Car

You may have heard of the popular psychological concepts called the “Stages of Change” or “Stages of Grief”. These outline the way we emotionally process some of life’s tough questions. When it comes to buying a used car, there are only two stages most people go through in their decision-making process: Questioning and Affirmation. They sound a little something like this:

“That New Car Does Have Some Cool Features…”

Feeling a little tempted by the flashy ads for new cars? Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal! It’s hard not to get swept away by all the bells and whistles advertised for new cars. Car manufacturers will say just about anything to get you to pay full price on their latest models. However, remember that used cars can be modified to include new technology without the upfront price tag. Upgrading your sound system, modifying the exterior or installing a back-up camera are all perfectly doable in an older car.

You’re Still Making Payments?!

When you first purchase a used car, you might feel a little bummed seeing friends with new cars. That fresh “new car smell” is indeed a powerful draw. But guess what? Five or ten years later when they’re still making payments, you’ll be glad you made the smart choice to buy used. It doesn’t take long for a new car to become used…in fact, it happens the second you drive it off the lot! Give it a few years and you’ll sleep well at night knowing the payments on your used car are a thing of the past.

by Anastasia Climan – Content Creator at Half Full Marketing

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