Car Buying Tips

The 3 Best Times To Buy A Used Car

Believe it or not, buying during one of these time can save you tons. By purchasing a used car, you may already be saving yourself from monthly payments (as long as the vehicle in question checks out mechanically). You are also saving money by avoiding the depreciation of new vehicles. But there’s one more little step you can take to save even more: buy at the right time. There is such a thing!

Save money buy car shopping during the “Off Season”.

In the market for a convertible? Buy in the winter when demand is low. Looking into a four-wheel-drive truck? Aim for purchasing in the summer before weather conditions worsen and the snow sets in. Of course we don’t have to worry about snow down here in Florida. No snow means no salt on the road, which means no rust. Check out our great selection of rust-free vehicles!

The Holidays are a perfect time to buy a new car!

During Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s, you can find major steals. While commercials may have you convinced people are getting new cars with a big red bow on top from Santa, it’s generally not in most people’s budget. So while demand is low, sneak on into your local used car dealership!

Go Car Shopping Toward the End of the Month, Quarter, or Year.

There are sales quotas to meet and that means salespeople are far more willing to work with you to get a good deal. By coming in about a week or so before the end of the month, you’re not only beating the rush of new vehicles, but you’re also beating the excess being sent off to auction. This is a good place to be.

It’s all about what you know. Knowing all your facts, including when to walk onto a lot, puts you in the best spot to receive the best deal possible. For more Car Buying Tips, check out our blog.

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