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Save money at the gas pump!

We are experiencing the highest gas prices in years!

With gas prices climbing higher than they’ve been in the past 3 years, it might be time to start looking for ways to stretch your gas mileage. The highest gas prices are hitting the west coast at about $3.56 per gallon, and the lowest priced gas is being seen in places like Missouri at around $2.44 per gallon. The national average is on the rise as recorded a weekly survey of more than 135,000 gas stations.

Travel & Tourism raising the demand for gas.

With Summer months fast approaching, travel and tourism are expected to raise the price of gas even more.

“While it won’t cost motorists as much as it did during 2011-2014, it will cost them millions more every day versus last year,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for

While gas prices typical rise every Spring & Summer, the current average is 15% percent more than the $2.40 consumers paid last year. For most of the year 2017, the average gas price hovered around $2.30 or lower.

Here are a few tips for saving money at the pump.

If the higher prices are threatening vacation plans, pay attention to these 4 tips on saving money at the gas pump! (Tips courtesy of AAA)
  • Slow down. The faster you drive, the more fuel you use. Every 5 miles per hour over 50 mph is like paying an additional 18 cents per gallon, according to the Department of Energy.
  • Share work or school rides by carpooling, or consider public transportation.
  • Do not use your trunk for long-term storage. The heavier your car, the more fuel it uses.
  • Combine errands. If possible, park in a central spot and walk from place to place.

Depending on where you live there are different things you can do to save money on gas. Shop around town to find the best price. Phone apps are making this easier and easier these days!

You can also trade in your car for one with better gas mileage! You don’t even have to downsize your vehicle, as many SUV’s, Trucks and Vans are being designed with gas mileage in mind. Browse our amazing inventory of vehicles for sale @

We hope these tips save you some money at the pump! For more tips on saving money and buying cars, visit our blog at

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