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Making Your Car Last Longer

4 Tips For Making Your Car Last Longer

Vehicles are one of the largest necessary expenses for most families, so it can be a big headache when they break down or need lots of maintenance. However, there are several ways to keep your vehicle running well to ensure a long lifespan, and most of them are very straightforward. Follow these simple tips to make your car last as long as possible.

Keep Up With Scheduled Maintenance

Know the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule for your car, and stick to it. You can find a detailed service schedule, including what should be addressed at each interval, in your owner’s manual. Don’t wait too long to get your car in the shop for maintenance including oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations and inspections. If you skip scheduled maintenance guidelines or wait too long between services, you may end up paying the price in the long run.

Drive Wisely

One of the simplest ways to prolong the life of your vehicle is to avoid reckless driving. Not only is this a danger to yourself and others on the road, but high-speed, aggressive driving also increases the wear and tear on your tires, brakes, and transmission. Bad driving habits can shorten your car’s lifespan and cause frequent and costly trips to the mechanic.

Regularly Inspect Your Car

Even if you don’t know the first thing about cars or mechanics, you should still regularly inspect your car visually to see if you notice any unusual fluids, sounds, or smells. Make a habit of doing frequent inspections where you open up the hood, see if anything looks or smells strange, walk around your car and check for leaks or any other issues. This is also a great chance to check the fluids and top off any that are low.

Winterize Properly

In the very cold months, go easy on your car. Drive more gently after starting your car in cold weather, and give it a chance to warm up before speeding down the road, as the fluids in your vehicle work best when warm. Additionally, if you live in a place where the roads are regularly salted, wash your car a few times during winter to keep remove salt buildup. Road salt can be corrosive, and while many modern vehicles are built to combat this corrosion, it’s always a good idea to wash away the salt grime just in case. As a bonus, this gives you a chance to make your car look better.

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