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Making the Most of Your Commute

Who Commutes?

A few years ago, AAA released some interesting data on the driving habits of Americans. Their study showed that U.S. drivers take an average of 2.1 driving trips daily, adding up to a total of 48.4 minutes of commuting each day. For Americans between the ages of 30-49, or those living in rural parts of the country, these statistics are significantly higher. About 66% of all driving trips are done with no other passengers in the car. In today’s busy world of hustle and bustle, how can you maximize your time spent commuting alone?

A Rare Chance for Quiet Time

If you have an automatic tendency to turn on the radio after clicking in your seatbelt, you might want to rethink this habit. Driving alone offers an opportunity for quiet time that can be almost impossible to find later in the day. Keep your focus on the road and use your commute to quiet your mind. Think about your day ahead, brainstorm creative ideas or just let your mind wander. Instead of letting your thoughts be directed towards whatever happens to be on the radio, see where your thoughts take you when left unprompted. Even just a few minutes of quiet time each day can reduce your stress levels and give you a chance to refocus and reset.

Beyond the Music

If quiet time is not your thing, consider using your driving time to listen to something beyond music. Over the past decade, podcasts have blown up in popularity. You can find podcasts on a variety of interesting topics. Everything from the latest scientific studies to historical perspectives on the past can enrich your knowledge base and give you something interesting to share during small talk. If you’re feeling especially productive, consider learning a new language through educational programs designed for auditory learning. Listening to an audio book is another great way to fit in some “reading” when you don’t have the time to do it otherwise. Of course, jamming along to your favorite song is also therapeutic in its own right. Just make it intentional and pick music that really speaks to you. Whatever you do, be sure to keep your hands on the wheel.

by Anastasia Climan – Content Creator at Half Full Marketing

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