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Is your A/C ready for the Summer Heat?

Can your car’s A/C handle the Summer’s heat?

We are smack-dab in the middle of Summer, and if there’s one thing you’re going to want this summer, it’s that A/C! It can be a real bummer climbing into your vehicle & going to crank that cold air, only to get a blast of warm air in your face.

Here are some warning signs that your A/C is on it’s way out:

Hearing strange noises from your A/C

When you turn the unit on you shouldn’t hear anything other than the sweet sound of air immediately coming out & filling your car with that cool goodness. If you notice other sounds – like ticking, clanking, or grinding – this is a pretty clear indicator something is not right. Roll down the windows & head on down to your local mechanic.

Weak Air Flow

It’s possible that the first thing you notice is a change in air flow. It could be a small change, such as the air flow staying the same despite turn the dial up to full blast. Or it could be something way more noticeable, like it suddenly blowing warm air. Fortunately, sometimes these changes can be brought about simply by debris blockage which is an easy fix.

Leaking or Low Fluid

A number of factors can cause a leak from your air conditioner. Regardless of which piece is causing it, the resulting leak can quickly become a problem. You may not be able to detect the leak from an exterior inspection, but you will definitely notice the lack of air. It’s best to get your vehicle seen by a mechanic as soon a possible in this case.

As you go about your day, just keep an ear out for your a/c. If you don’t seem notice any of these, then sit back and enjoy the breeze.

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