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How to find a good mechanic.

Finding the needle in the haystack.

Looking for a mechanic to take care of your daily driver, or even just a project, can be quite a daunting task. Where do you even start?  While there is no clear cut path or exact answers, there are some things you can be on the lookout for.

Is the mechanic open and honest?

Any good and honest mechanic will be willing to break down everything that needs to be done along with a quote. If you don’t understand what it is that needs to be done or why, ask them to explain. If they can’t put it in simple terms, chances are they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Does the mechanic have any certifications?

Being ASE certified (or any other certifications) ensures that they are meeting a certain level of excellence & have industry knowledge of current trends.

How is the general atmosphere?

It’s a car shop. It does not need to look pristine. However, it should be somewhat tidy & you shouldn’t be afraid to touch anything. How were you greeted? How did they talk to you? First impressions are everything. If it feels really dingy & the owner was rude, you should probably take your business elsewhere.

Does the lot look healthy? 

What does the parking lot look like? Do the vehicles look like they’re in good condition and change semi frequently, or have you seen the same 2 old beat up cars the past couple times you drove by? This will speak volumes about their business.

How are the reviews?

Look them up online and read their reviews. Don’t just focus on the good ones. Don’t be afraid to even read through negative ones. Weigh them. If the negatives outweigh the few positive ones, it’s probably not even worth the trouble.

Does the mechanic follow up?

A good mechanic will always show you what they did and make sure that you are leaving happy. If they take it a step further and take pictures or check in a day after, you hit the jackpot and should never let them go!

Choosing a mechanic can feel a lot like trying to find a doctor. You can’t really be sure until you start going. However, these tips can help you spot a good choice from a regrettable one. And you’ve found the right match, you’ll know.

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