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Getting Ready for a Road Trip

Check these 4 things before going on your next Road Trip!

Summer is in full swing. Actually, here in Florida it’s almost always in full swing! Nothing screams summer more than adventuring & spontaneous road trips. While it’s adrenaline pumping to just up and go, there are some things you should always double check on your vehicle. Marking these off your list will not only get you safely to wherever you’re headed (decided or not), but they will also bring you peace of mind. That means more time for wonder & less time for worry.


Your vehicle has several different fluids to keep an eye on: gas, engine oil, brakes, power steering, & coolant. Top any off that you notice are low.


Be sure to check your cars tire pressure & tread. Proper pressure will actually help with your gas mileage, and tread will help your tires grip up on the drive & avoid a blowout.


Test all of your lights & signals. Replacing a blown bulb is usually an easy fix. Easier to catch it now, than to be pulled over for it later.

Emergency Supplies

Keep yourself prepared. Make sure you’ve got a backup charger (maybe even a map), a spare tire, emergency kit, flashlight,  and a portable fire extinguisher. Hopefully you’ll never need any of these, but if you find that you do, they will be there.

One you’ve successfully checked off these four things, you should be good to go. Enjoy your summer and go make some fun memories!

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