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Finding a Reputable Car Dealership

Its time to buy yourself a car, but where do you go and how do you know the car dealership will be legit? We have come up with five tips on what to look for in a great reputable car dealership!

Tip 1: Find car dealerships with the vehicle(s) you want.

It’s best to narrow down your vehicle preference to several interests. You want to have a clear goal in sight when it comes to car shopping, and searching for a car dealership with the models you want is the best way to start. Priorities to consider would be car mileage, year of the model, the color of the vehicle, and of course the type of vehicle you prefer. Please refer to any recent car pricing tools to get an idea of how much the vehicles of your interest will cost. You don’t want to be blindsided by any unfair salesmen pitches.

Tip 2: Research car dealerships around your area.

A lot of happy or upset customers will post their car dealership testimonials all over the internet. It is important to read through as many as you can while seeking out any problematic patterns in the reviews. Pay close attention to vehicle sale quality, salesmen interactions, the cleanliness of the location, the speediness of paperwork, car warranties, and all details including financial negotiations and loans. If a lot of customers are upset with the car dealership, it’s best to continue and look for a car dealership who is professional with the utmost best quality!

Tip 3: Explore the car dealership’s website.

Almost every car dealership has a website. On their website you should be able to browse vehicle inventory, read reviews and learn a bit more about the dealership. A properly maintained website that looks sharp should tell you something. After all, a website is often a first impression, and everyone knows that first impressions are important.

You should also browse their Social Media. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or wherever you prefer to. Read more reviews, look at how they promote themselves and get a feel for the kind of dealership that they are.

Tip 4: Visit the car dealership in person.

A quick drive-by would suffice for some people, but actually stepping a toenail through the door will also give you a better perspective. When you arrive, look around at the car lot and take mental notes of the prices, the vehicles’ appearances, and the surrounding environment for any weathered issues such too much water in the parking lot, mud, or any debris. It’s likely that a great reputable car dealership will take pride in its appearances, and will maintain the car lot to the utmost pristine condition. If the vehicles are covered in debris, dirt, mud or leaves, the dealership will look irresponsible and lazy.

Pay attention to passing sales in the area, and try to observe a salesman pitching an offer to another client. It’s important to pay attention to body language, eye contact, and behavior. If a salesman cannot treat their buyers with respect, or negotiate fairly, its probably a good reason to walk away. After observing from the outside, make your way inside for a peak. If you are greeted quickly by an employee, it shows guest service at its greatest. However, if you find yourself standing awkwardly at a reception desk with no one at it for a while, its probably better to find a dealership that is staffed properly and with a higher guest service goal. Also, take in the details of the condition of their furniture, carpets, walls, and the cleanliness of their location. A great reputable dealership will also take pride in their location by maintaining interior design updates and most importantly, cleanliness.

Tip 5: Buy the car of your dreams!

After proceeding all that you can with the tips I gave you, go for the plunge! This is when you can get a first-hand experience and put their guest service and product quality to a test. When you are introduced to the vehicle models, make sure you examine the entire car’s exterior and interior. Don’t be too eager to simply jump behind the wheel, make sure you ask questions about car’s history, accident reports, and about the car’s mileage. It’s important to get as much detail as possible. When you have taken enough mental notes, test drive the car. This is a big factor in searching for a great reputable car dealership, test their products! Pay attention to any squeaks, the brake’s reactive time, the fluidity of the steering wheel beneath your hands, and the sound the engine makes when you start the vehicle up. Test all of the lights, the a/c unit (including heat), test the radio and sound system, check out the windshield wipers and adjust the seats. You may look like a control freak, but buying a vehicle shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When the test drive is over, listen to the offer the salesman is offering. Remember to use all of your research as a tool through this. The salesman may offer you an obscene price, but learn how to haggle. If they cannot meet you at a better price range, take your business elsewhere. It’s important to have options, so you do not feel cornered!

We hope that this helps you out when it comes to seeking a reputable car dealership!

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