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CPO Is the Way To Go

What is Certified Pre-Owned?

If you’ve been in the market for a new-to-you car, you have most definitely heard the term “certified pre-owned”. Fluctuations in the economy, as well as the price increase to new vehicles have made buying used the new norm.

So should you buy used or certified pre-owned? And what’s the difference?

A used car will more than likely come with a lower price tag. It will also come with its limited remaining warranty. The amount of miles may vary from vehicle to vehicle and potential issues can be covered long enough to see it sold. But what happens after you buy it? A certified pre-owned vehicle gives you better odds.

Rest Assured that you are getting a dependable vehicle.

When a vehicle is certified pre-owned, it means it has gone through rigorous screening. It’s mileage must be within a certain limit and it is thoroughly inspected by a certified technician. If it passes, it is given an extended warranty and sold for a fair price that still makes it a bargain against its fresh off the lot counterpart.

This isn’t to say you can’t find a great deal in a vehicle that isn’t certified! If you know what to look for you can still get a steal of a deal.

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