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Car Shopping doesn’t have to be Scary!

No tricks; lots of treats!

Bring out the fake cobwebs, the plastic skeletons, and Jack O’ Lanterns its Halloween! It’s that time of the year where witches come out to play, and ghosts haunt the driveways of neighborhoods. But just because its Halloween, doesn’t mean car shopping has to be! We have provided you with tips on how to prepare yourself to car shop!

1. Getting your finances in order.

This can be scary to some, but if you actually do your research and create a budget, you will find yourself at ease throughout the process. Prepare your credit for a car loan, or find a co-signer who can help you. You can get a car loan even if you have horrible credit. The only issue you may have is that you’ll have a higher interest rate if you have little to no credit. When dealerships state that they have low interest rates, they usually mean this is for someone who has a FICO credit score of 700 or over. People with lower credit can be charged more. Before you settle on one dealership or company, you should get quotes from everyone who is willing to give you a loan. You should compare the amount they’re willing to loan, how long the term is, and what interest rate they’re offering to make sure you’re getting the best deal before you sign any contracts. Try to put down as much money as you can toward the purchase of a car, and avoid any late payments!

2. Car shopping online.

Take a moment to look online for the car models you are interested in. Watch customer reviews on the internet about certain vehicles you are interested in, it’s important to get the insider information from different perspectives. Concentrate on what specific features you require and want, and try to narrow all of those down to a list. These features could include a “Back up camera”, blue tooth, seat warmers, and USB ports. Consider Eco friendly vehicles, or diesel fueled vehicles. Compare prices between dealerships, and remember to stay inside your price range. Take a look at all of your options before you head over to a car dealership.

3. Shopping with friends and family.

Having someone with you who is basically a walking Kelley Blue Book, will be a great asset when it comes to any questions or advice you need. Yes, you will have a salesman with you at the dealership, but some car salesmen will tell you anything to win you over. It is important you do not feel pressured or clueless throughout the process of buying a car.

4. Be confident and know what you want.

Salesmen will throw a lot of offers in your direction, and you may feel obligated to accept them while on the spot. But you have to find the strength to compare your options with other dealerships who may offer you a better price. You can always walk away and come back if you are ready to make a purchase. Do not feel like you are wasting a car salesman’s time, it is their job to sell cars and give sales pitches hourly.

5. Stay in control.

Test out the vehicle models you are interested in. Take it out for a test drive, and test all of the cars’ features including the USB ports, and bluetooth. Examine the car’s exterior to validate the paint job is in pristine condition, and don’t feel intimidated to look under the hood of the vehicle. Stay in control, and remain vigilant.

We hope these tips help you when it comes to car shopping!

by Leashie V. – Content Creator at Half Full Marketing.

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