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Buying a Car for College

Tips on buying a car for college.

You’ve got the high school diploma, and the green light for admission into the college of your dreams. All you need now is a set of wheels to take you there, and what better way than to buy your very own car.

Check out these 5 Tips on Buying a Car for College:

Tip 1: Co-sign a car loan with someone who has excellent credit

We all know that once you turn 18, you have little to no credit. It’s important to build credit at a young age as it will come in handy in the future when you try to buy a home or a new car. Having someone co-sign with you will give you the green light for a car loan and you’ll have more money to work with when buying a car.

Tip 2: Think about what you want in a vehicle

Think about what type of vehicle you want; a car? A truck? A minivan? How many passengers do you want to carry with you in your vehicle? Do you want a two or four-door car? What colors are you looking for? What features are you desiring? Do you want a “back up cam” or a blue tooth sound system? Do you want seat warmers or a big trunk? Make a list of the things you want and do your research! Look online for vehicles that spark your interest and consider the reviews. Calculate the gas mileage from the type of model you desire, is it manageable?

Tip 3: Browse used cars

This is your starter car. You need a car to get you from point A to point B, and buying a used car will save you money in the long run when it comes to monthly payments to your car loan. Look for a dealership with good reviews and be sure to pay attention to the car’s mileage and overall condition. You want your car to run for as long as it can!


Tip 4: Test Drive the car and take your time!

When you test drive your car, take the time to get to know the car inside and out. Get a feel of the brakes and the steering wheel. Listen for any squeaky sounds and check the radio system. Don’t be too eager to just pick a car because of the model or how it looks. Bring along someone who really understands how a car works so they can help you to check off things on the checklist. You don’t want to buy something that will break down in a few months.

Tip 5: Take care of the car’s maintenance!

Once you finally buy the car you fell in love with, its time to realize as a car owner your responsibility lies beyond your side of the road but it also lies within your car. Be responsible with oil checks, tire pressure maintenance and keeping your vehicle clean! Your car may be in pristine condition now but if you can’t take care of it, it will break down and the bill to fix everything will be worth more than the car itself!

There you have it, 5 tips on how to buy a car for college. Drive safely and good luck with all your studies! Get that degree!

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