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Avoid Depreciation By Buying Used

Find Your Hidden Gem in a Used Car

The major downside of buying a new car.

There are several potential pitfalls when buying a new car. Depreciation happens immediately after driving a new car off the dealership lot. Within the first hour of owning a new car, you’ve lost substantial value on your purchase. According to Consumer Reports in 2015, a new car will be worth 54% less than you paid for it in just THREE YEARS. Let someone else take the fall and choose a barely used car for a major markdown.

The major upsides of buying a used car.

With a used car, you get more for your money. Used cars have both lower upfront costs and lower replacement costs. That means they are cheaper to insure. Do you want to waste your hard-earned money on car insurance that you may never even use? While you are obligated to make sure your car is fully insured, having a lower monthly bill certainly takes the edge off of this financial burden. A car that’s got a few years behind it is also going to cost less in sales tax than a new car. Oftentimes, it is even cheaper to register a used car vs a new one but this depends on your state.

It’s a little known fact that a lot of used cars have barely even been driven. Remember, “used” cars include those which have been leased for a period of time or returned after a short-term ownership. If you have any doubts or questions about a used car, you can check The Vehicle History Report. A VIN on the vehicle is tracked every time the car is sold, registered, put through accidents, floods, repairs and to validate mileage. In today’s modern world, you have access to all the background information on a used car to ensure you are making a wise purchase. Don’t hesitate to shop used cars for a great value.

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