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7 Reasons to Buy A Honda

Why should you buy a Honda?

In the automotive industry, Honda is a well-known and well-trusted name. They have earned this reputation by consistently making high quality vehicles year after year.


Honda has won the Top Manufacturer Award more than any other brand, with an astonishing total of 80 wins so far. The Japanese company has won several other awards and multiple models consistently remain on “Top Ten…” lists all over the internet.

Resale Value

Honda models continuously have the highest resale value according to Kelly Blue Book. If you are looking to trade-in your Honda, you will without a doubt be very pleased.

True Quality

Quality seems to be synonymous with Honda, along with dependability. The evidence of this is the number of Honda’s on the used car market! Even after years of wear and tear (and maintenance), they are still quality enough to resell for a fair price.

Fuel Efficiency

Once again, this brand is an industry leader. Most models boast of 30+ mpg highway and 25+ mpg city. The introduction of the turbo engine plays a big role in this area and is featured in every price range in the newer models.

Safety First

All safety features are state-of-the-art whether it’s a simple sedan or a compact fully-loaded SUV. As you can guess, their safety features are also ranked best in the industry.

Sporty Style

Just because you’re getting quality doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! And bigger doesn’t always mean bulkier. Honda has worked hard to provide compact models that are still luxurious and easily hold up against higher end competitors. All the bells and whistles paired with sleek designs can be found across the board.

Repair Costs

A key issue that many car buyers is often overlook is how much future repairs may cost. Honda’s can go for miles and miles before needing maintenance. And even when it does require maintenance, it is generally an easy fix. According to Forbes, the CR-V and Civic had the lowest check engine lights repair. And with a large number of Honda’s on the road, it’s easy to find parts.

No other brand can check all of the boxes like Honda can. Quality, safety, fuel economy: you name it, they’re at the top of the list.

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