Car Buying Tips

5 Essential Car Buying Tips

1) Read Reviews.

Be sure to check out some online reviews before going to any dealership. Who you buy from is just as important as what you buy. Reviews can be found in number of places. GoogleFacebookYelp, and other websites can provide you with plenty of honest reviews. If you don’t manage to research a dealer prior to showing up, you can always pull up some reviews on your phone.

2) Have a mechanic check the vehicle you are purchasing. 

Many mechanics will take a look at vehicles for free. Using a third party or mechanic that you trust will help you make the right decision when buying a car. Any dealer worth buying from should also have a CarFax report ready and available for you. CarFax is a great tool for learning more about the vehicle you are looking to buy.

3) Trust your feelings. 

If the dealer or salesman is dragging out the process, don’t be afraid to walk away. Remember that they are suppose to help you through the car buying process.  They should want to earn your business, treat you with respect, and provide you with an overall pleasant car buying experience. Take a look around the lot and office. You can usually tell if a person takes pride in their dealership. You want to buy from someone you feel good about.

4) Ask the dumb questions.

When looking to buy a vehicle there really are no dumb questions. If there is anything you are unsure about, ask about it! If you don’t get the answer you are looking for, ask the salesman to clarify. If people are being dodgy with you, it may be a good time to leave. Buying any vehicle is a big decision, and you should be well informed prior to doing so. You need to clearly understand the vehicle and your purchasing options.

5) Do your own research.

You may have no idea what kind of vehicle you are looking for. Browse the internet, ask a trusted friend, and do some research to find what kind of vehicle will best suit your needs. After you have an idea of the vehicle you are looking for, do a little research into the top brands and models. There is so much information on the internet just waiting for you.

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This article was written by Darin Zauner II.

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