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4 Reasons to Stop Running On Empty

Running your car on empty is a bad idea.

You have done this a million times. You watch that little gauge sink lower & lower towards the left, and for whatever reason, you skip stopping at the next gas station and just decide to power on through. As your eyes keep darting back to your ever-illuminated dashboard, you secretly say a prayer and hope that you make it to your destination. Sound familiar?

While this is a pretty common occurrence, it’s really not a good idea for multiple reasons. There’s truth to the saying “never let your tank go under ¼”. Here are 4 reasons to keep your tank topped off!

Avoid damaging your vehicle.

The fuel pump moves the gas from your tank to the front of your vehicle. When you start running on fumes, the fuel pump has to work harder. If you do this too many times the pump will burn up, which is not a cheap fix. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by keeping your gas tank full.

Fuel Gauges tend to get less accurate over time.

While your gas gauge plays a significant role and certainly helps give a better picture of where you stand on fuel, it’s not always exact. Even if you calculate the miles per gallon, this equation does not take driving style or fuel economy into the equation. This is a good example of why you should always keep your tank at least a ¼  of the the way full.

Running low is a danger to yourself and others.

For nervous drivers, this may have already occurred to you. When you’re running on empty, you have no idea when your vehicle is going to stop working. That is not a risk you want to take. Whether you are on the highway, or in city traffic, there’s no good scenario. Any of these could lead to a dangerous, if not fatal, accident. One that could have been completely avoidable had you not let your car run on empty.

Getting caught unprepared. 

This last point ties right in with the previous one. You never know when an emergency will arise. Why add more stress to a situation by hopping into an vehicle with low gas? By keeping your gas topped off you will save yourself from being late and from stressing out.

Next time you shrug it off and decide to wait just a little bit longer, I hope that this article comes to mind. Save yourself the stress by keeping a little extra gas in your tank.

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