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2014 Ford F-150 Platinum SuperCrew – Truck Review

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a SuperCrew F-150 Truck!

I’ve always enjoyed driving Ford F-150’s, and this truck is no exception. This particular truck is fully loaded. The leather is in ridiculously great condition. The A/C blows strong and cold, the transmission shifts smoothly, the engine rumbles boldly, and its painted a slick black. The steering wheel has stereo, blue tooth, and cruise controls built in. This Ford also features a sun roof, alloy wheels, and of course 4 wheel drive.

The quality you’ve come to expect in a Ford.

I’m not partial to any one car company, but as someone who drives a lot of vehicles, Ford has been putting a lot of effort into making their vehicles have a high quality feel to them. This F-150 is especially cool looking, because it is a Platinum addition. The seats and chrome door plates say Platinum on them. This F-150 looks like it has all the bells and whistles. The SuperCrew means that the cab is much larger than a usual F-150, and I have to say that it really is. If you are looking for a truck that can fit a lot of people in it, then this may be the one for you.

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This Vehicle Review was written by Darin Zauner II.

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