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2012 Toyota Tundra SR5 5.7L – Truck Review

Above the competition.

This week I test drove a gorgeous 2012 Toyota Tundra. For someone who doesn’t drive a lot of trucks, it was quite an experience. This particular Tundra has been raised up with a lift kit and features a set of all terrain tires. Being in the cab of this truck felt more like being in an airplane cockpit.

Proud to drive a Tundra.

The first thing that stood out to me when I sat down for a test drive was how clean the interior was. I’m not talking about the detailed cleaning that dealerships give cars, which was also well done, but I’m referring to the previous owner’s treatment of the vehicle. Whoever owned this truck took really good care of it. The seats are free of tears, the dashboard is like new, and the entire interior is relatively stain free. Sometimes you can just tell that a car was well loved. After starting up the engine I sped off down the street. I was immediately shocked at how smooth it drove. The acceleration was fantastic and it shifted super smooth. I almost took the truck home then and there, but then I remembered it wasn’t mine. After the initial drive I took a few minutes to check out some of the trucks finer details. This 2012 Tundra has a well treated cloth interior, an awesome sun roof, an automatic transmission, and only 84k miles! The A/C is ice cold, the stereo works like new, and it’s just plain cool to drive. Did I mention that it has drool worthy rims? This truck is going to make someone very happy.

A monster of a truck.

I really can’t get over how fun this truck is to drive. Seeing over the top of every vehicle you pass is a neat feeling. Overall I really enjoyed my time driving this beautiful 2012 Toyota Tundra. If you are in the market for a new truck, then pay a visit to Brevard Value Motors in Melbourne Florida. They have a variety of awesome trucks to take for a spin.

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This Vehicle Review was written by Darin Zauner II.

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