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2 Reasons to Avoid Using Your Debit Card at the Pump

For most of us we find it convenient to swipe our debit cards right at the pump. We do this to save walking inside, but have you ever noticed the small sticker placed on most pumps next to the keypad which more or less states that if you are using a debit card to pay inside. This often overlooked warning is important for two reasons.


This would be the most obvious reason. Skimming devices are easily installed at gas pumps, especially at gas stations that are secluded or left unattended over-night. If you are still dead set on not going inside, make sure to inspect the card reader before inserting your personal information. If anything looks off to you, use a different pump. Another alternative would be to use a credit card.

Pending Charges

When you use a debit card, the amount is typically  withdrawn immediately from your account. Some banks may place a hold on your account, and charge you later. If you do not keep a hard copy of all your transactions, this can easily mess with your finances. An alternative option, once again, would be to use a credit card or pay inside. With a credit card, you have a longer period to pay off the amount and  some cards offer rewards for using them for gas. When you pay inside with your debit card, you are charged for the exact amount rather having a large hold on your account that won’t clear for a day or two.

So when you’re out and about looking for the best price in fuel, make sure you protect your finances even further by being smart at the pump.

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